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Welcome to official website of Wifikill apk for Android, we provide you the greatest & latest full version of wifi kill apk, using this application you could control your wifi internet connection. Let’s get started with the Wifikill app, shall we?

In a long survey, WiFi has become the most favorable facility to connect with devices for the web connection. By using the WiFi, we can connect an enormous number of devices. If you have a mobile hotspot, you can share your internet with your friends. Unfortunately, most of the people in recent times are trying to hack or connect the Wi-Fi to their daily usage unknowingly. This may lead the internet connection of the user to slow when compared to previous speed. For this purpose, to protect your Internet connection from hackers, WiFikill apk has arrived for you at the right time. It is a free app to use on your Android mobile device.

Wifikill apk
Wifikill apk

Wifikill app is the absolute stunner when compared to the other apps. This could be the best app that helps you to protect from the hackers. In day to day life, people used to connect the internet to their daily entertainment and education. However, some people go beyond their limits and connect to the internet users for free Wi-Fi internet connection. Sometimes more than ten people are connecting to Wi-Fi connection. So that we are coming with WiFikill apk that helps your phone to disconnect all the connected devices from the Internet connection.

WiFikill – Download Wifikill Apk Latest Version For Android 2018

Features of WiFikill APK,

  1. View list of devices

With the help of WiFikill apk, you can check out the thing like how many devices connected to your devices to use the internet. This option is very simple to handle and shows you at the right time.

  1. Support all devices

WiFikill apk supports all the Android devices as well as tablets. It also consumes very less memory in your device during the installation process. So no more worries for the downloading process on Android devices.

  1. Fast data transfer

By using WiFikill app, you can transfer the internet data at very high speed.  You can also browse and watch the videos without any buffer. It also helps to show the data transfer rate for your clarification.

  1. Monitoring other activities

The user can also monitor all the activities of the other users who connected to your device for the internet.  This will help you to find the activities at the right time. Also, you can check out the names of the devices which are connected to your device.

  1. Disconnect internet connection

WiFikill is one of the best features of the app. Yes, without disconnecting your internet connection you can easily cut off the other connected devices with your device.

Wifikill apk
Wifikill apk

These features are a kind that everyone should know before installing this amazing WiFikill apk. So people who are all interested in downloading this app can follow the Google PlayStore. WiFikill for Android is the only app to use for controlling the other devices from connecting your device.

Note: Wifikill apk is not the only Android application available to manage your internet connection, check out Wifi managing apps like Bcmon apk. Download bcmon app from the official website.


Download & Install Wifikill APK For Android

Those users who are all interested in being part of WiFikill app can follow the downloading process. According to the process, it consumes very less memory on Android phones. Now the user can follow the steps to download and install by viewing the below-given instructions.

Download Wifikill APK v1.7.3

Download Wifikill APK v2.3.2

  • People can visit the Google PlayStore to install Wi-Fi kill app.
  • This app grabs only little memory on your device, so you don’t need to check for the storage.
  • Once you find enough memory to install, please click the install button.
  • Then wait for few seconds until it installs.
  • Finally, it is ready to use on your Android device.

The above steps will be very useful for the users that who are all wanted to install the app on their device for free.

Although Wifikill apk is the best android app, it requires root access to work properly. We highly recommend you to root your Android phone, you can make use of Android rooting apps like the towelroot app or root master apk.


Download & Install Wifikill for PC? (Windows & MacOS)

This is one of the most asked questions by the users. It is yes that we can experience Wifikill for PC.  With the help of Android emulator, users can install the app on their PC. There are an enormous number of emulators are available in the tech market. Among those emulators, Nox player is one of the best and preferring emulators for downloading the Android apps on PC.

Wifikill for pc
Wifikill for pc

Nox player is supporting the high graphics apps on PC. It also has the option to control the game while playing. To download Wifikill for PC, you can go for the Nox player.

Necessary steps to download NOX Player emulator,

Here we are sharing the significant steps to download and install the emulator on your PC. Hope these steps will be useful for the users that who wanted to download.

  • Wi-Fi kill app user should visit the official link to download Nox Player.
  • If you find the official link of the emulator, you can click to download the emulator.
  • Make sure that the memory space to download and install is available or not.
  • After the above process is over, you can move over to the downloading process.
  • Once the downloading process is complete, you can click the install button.
  • Finally, Nox Android emulator is ready to use on your PC for free.

By following the given steps, you can easily download the emulator and start to use. After all the installation process is complete, please get into the homepage of Nox which will ask for you to enter the name and save it. In the search box, you can look out for Wi-Fi kill app and click the install button to download.



With more information regarding wifikill apk, you can now ready to download this control app for the important thing. From now on, there is no chance of connecting to your device for internet connection. This is the great way that you can ignore the other devices attached to the web.WiFikill is free of cost to download and use with your friends. So this WiFikill app has become popular among the daily internet users.

This could be the best choice to protect your device from hackers and internet stealers. As per the source, this app for the iOS devices has not been developed yet. Hopefully, we can expect WiFikill apk for the iPhone devices soon.

Hope you found something new using this wifikill apk download post, if yes let us know by dropping the comments below.